Homeowner Seeking HOA Information on the Web is Shocked!

Here is a comment from a loyal reader that I feel is worth sharing. When owners are out searching for information on the web, they deserve good and helpful information about HOAs and Condo living from the “informed”. Some sites are helpful; however, those operated by unhappy owners are tend to be very negative. So, unfortunately, as part of the process good and reasonable people looking for information may be exposed to chat lists and websites that engage in people (and attorney) bashing. These sites come up in the searches because they get a lot of hits. People all over the states are desperate for information and click into these sites thinking they will find answers to their questions. Instead, they find little information other than complaints. Complaints are not solutions. Anyway, this reader delved innocently into this abyss and see what her reaction was:

 “Hi Beth,

I had to contact you to tell you something.  I joined a HOA forum online with homeowners across the nation; thinking that I would get some helpful information.

 I posted a post about our association not even using legal counsel and why I feel that it is needed; not for day to day affairs, but at least periodically.  At least when a homeowner brings  an issue to the board and threatens legal action.

 Here’s what I got….. attacked.  They claim that legal counsel is a waste of their money and that as long as they act in good faith; that there’s NO need for legal advice; EVEN if the homeowner sues.  I was taken aback.  I even posted links to your site, giving them valuable information that you freely gave; including what reasonable inquiry meant.  I was again attacked; they called me obtuse, ignorant……

 Is our nation really this ignorant/stupid????  You are the only link to sanity that I have and the only resource that is worthwhile.  

 Also, the homeowner advocate groups are EVEN WORSE.  I got threats from some of those folk.  Bad news.

 It’s really tough for a homeowner.”

 [name withheld to avoid further attacks on an innocent owner-seeking-information]

 I agree it it really difficult to find good information and invite people to peruse my website. There is a lot of free and helpful information there.

Otherwise, all I want to say is beware – when searching for information on homeowner associations including HOAs and Condo Associations, you may have to sift through some rubble.

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