Here is someone who wants the spa kept open when the board/management has severely limited the hours:

“My condo manager only opens the spa and pool for an average of 2.5 days per week, citing … not have enough time to balance the chemicals correctly, … safety reasons … and … [inability] … to test the water on weekends. 

 “The spa and pool hours are specifically set as being open 10am to 10pm.  They are never open before 2pm.  Does this seem reasonable, and if not, what steps can I take to ensure the spa and pool are open on a regular basis?”

It seems apparent that costs are an issue. If an owner or owners want the spa or pool open more often than is occurring and the HOA or Condo Association budget cannot handle it, maybe the owners could donate time (assuming they have some qualifications to do the work that is needed) or money (to pay someone to do the work).  As for seeking legal help to force the association to keep the pool and spa open for more hours, one would have to allege, and possibly prove, that the Board was not fulfilling its fiduciary duty. There are alot of questions that would have to be asked to make this leap in judgment.

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