Don’t Give Up!

Many people are suffering in their HOAs and Condos, worried about the future, the past, the present, and everything. It is a difficult time. Here are some points that I hope will help.

For every problem, there is a solution.
No storm lasts forever.
Things do blow through and over.
The one thing that is certain is change.
If you can’t wait, someone has the answers.
You may not like the options, but ….

I have “counseled” many owners that are on the verge of hysteria simply by helping them identify options. How does the hysteria set in? Just look around, watch the news, read the doom and gloom. It can eat you up.

The fears overtake pragmatic thinking.

Things always look better when you have a formulated a plan of action, even if it seems an uphill climb and a long way to the ultimate goal.

I am sorry when I hear that people spent money seeking legal assistance and feel it was wasted. I have had some who said they wanted to consult with me but got burned by another “internet lawyer” and thus they go sulking into the wind.

People waste money everyday on things. People get burned. Things don’t always go right. The only cure for falling down the hill is to get up and trudge up the hill, eyes toward the sky, even if it is hard. My mother calls money spent and lost “college tuition”. She says if you learned something from the experience, it qualifies.

Knowing all of the options is critical these days in making good decisions. Try to stay away from advisors who claim to have a lot of knowledge or a good track record but have nothing to back it up. Try to stay away from people who crow “I’m number 1.” Those who could qualify don’t have to say it. Their actions illustrate it. Those who crow sometimes have to eat it. Those who boast are not really appealing. Just check out the Olympics if you want to see these truths in action.

And the last word of advice: try to stay away from lawyers who can only talk about suing. Don’t get sucked into giving a huge retainer to someone who is not up front and honest about all the “possibilities”, including if things go right or if things don’t go right. There are always other options to be tried first. I am not saying that it is never warranted, but engaging in litigation can be a very big burn!

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