Pit Bulls, Rots, and Other Tough Dogs in HOAs, Oh My!

Okay, it’s been at least 3 days since I wrote about what a problem dogs with dangerous propensities are. And since I wrote the last post, there have been two reports of two small children being attacked by pit bulls. One involved a two year old child mauled to death by the family pit bulls and this happened within a mile of my home. The other was I believe also a small child mauled by a neighbor’s dog. The second child did not die, but will certainly forever be terrified of dogs.

It is possible that these children got into the areas where the dogs were kept rather than the dogs getting out. But is this the child’s fault? No No No No No No No, it is is not.

Is it a condemnation of all dogs? No No No No it is not.

It is a truth that dogs which are of certain breeds which have dangerous propensities can turn on people – and other dogs.

And is it a condemnation of dog owners who – when their dogs attack innocent people and especially children, try to make excuses for the dog’s behavior by blaming the other person or the other animal that was attacked? Yes, it is. These dog owners are a serious problem. Even if their dog has not attacked anyone, but has shown threatening propensities, if the owner is not extra vigilant, something may happen that may trigger the propensity and then it may be too late, as it was for the grandfather in Concord whose grandaughter was mauled to death. He is in jail. He has said on TV that his life is ruined.

In the HOA context,  I would consider as unacceptable snarling,  growling and loudly barking  in an intimidating manner (you know what I mean), clawing at the door or window when the mailman or a passerby is in the vicinity, lunging toward other dogs or people when on or off the leash and this kind of behavior threatening. HOA boards have to take note if complaints are made.

And all dog owners of all breeds that on that appear on insurance exclusion lists MUST BE EXTRA VIGILANT! Breeds of dogs that have been identified as uninsurable by some companies include Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Akita, Berrnese, Canary Dog, Chow Chow, Doberman, Husky, Karelian Bear, Rhodesian Ridgeback, or Russo-European Laika. Some HOAs ban these dogs. 

It is not against the law to exclude these dogs if it is done correctly (as to document amendments or rules), and not in violation of any discrimination laws.  

Take heart! These breeds of dogs need to be well and closely tended. The insurance companies are no dummies.

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