Thinking Retaliation in Your HOA or Condo?

I write a lot about noisy neighbors and the problems that arise, and commonly try to offer suggestions like trying to talk to the neighbors, writing letters to the owner of the property, contacting local mediation services, and even suing in small claims for nuisance. I never recommend retaliation, although I am human and I know its tempting.

Some of you may know that I am a midwesterner (although I have now officially lived in California longer than I lived in Iowa). A friend from the midwest recently sent me a link to a story in  Waterloo, Iowa – yes, they have neighbor issues back there too even though they do not commonly live on top of one another.  If you are interested in the link, here it is [link to Globe Gazette article]. Or, you can just read the story:

“Waterloo man arrested for blasting air horn

Posted: Monday, August 2, 2010 11:26 am | (0) Comments

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — A Waterloo man faces a disorderly conduct charge after he retaliated against noisy neighbors by blasting an air horn in their direction.

Carl Herold says he got tired of the “hippie tunes” constantly coming from across the street. The 62-year-old bought an air horn from an old dump truck last week, pointed it at his neighbor’s house, connected it to an air compressor for power and started tooting away.

His neighbors called police within minutes. The arresting officer says he heard the horn blasts every few seconds starting about five blocks from the house. He arrested Herold when he refused to stop.

Herold tells The Associated Press on Monday he hasn’t decided if he’ll fight the arrest.”

Those darn midwesterners!

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