Displacement of Tenants During HOA Repairs – Who Pays?

Here is a question about relocation costs:
“I was wondering what most HOAs do when presented with a situation where a homeowner’s tenants need to be displaced due to required repair to common area property (in this case, structural repair within the wall of a unit that spread to the extent that the unit was no longer livable). I know homeowners insurance usually covers such situations, unless it is a loss that is not covered (unfortunately this is our case). Should the HOA pay the homeowner for loss of rent during the period which the unit was not livable?”

The same question is commonly asked if an owner has to relocate during repairs. A homeowner should purchase individual insurance to cover such things. In a Condo that would be H0-6 coverage.  Relocation costs are not something the HOA is generally responsible for, unless there is something in the governing documents that imposes the obligation. As for tenants, they can also get protection for relocation costs in tenant policies. And any smart landlord will note in the lease that tenant is responsible to insure for such things, or the landlord will procure the insurance to cover the tenant so no one loses money if such an event arises.
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