Can My HOA or Condo Association Make Me Park in My Garage?

Many HOA and CONDO associations are short of parking spaces when residents bring in too many cars.

 Those that have garages for owners often have language in the documents indicating that owners are supposed to park their cars in the garages and keep the open parking spaces open for guests and delivery services. Most documents give the board authority to adopt rules related to parking. Some associations have driveways in front of the garages and it is tempting for residents to park cars in the driveways, even when the documents prohibit it.

 Here is an email question on topic:

“I got a quick question if home association can force me to park my cars in the garage. I lost my house in Manteca and lot of my stuff is sitting in garage. Please advise, see the e-mail below. Thanks”

The answer to the question of what the board can do depends on what the association governing documents say – what authority might be in there. It is certainly possible that boards may be able to require residents to use the garages for parking to alleviate the parking crunch that happens when residents use the garages for storage, workout rooms, etc.
Think about it – why were the garages built? To use for parking cars, not for storing crap.
Documents usually give Board broad authority to set rules regarding use of the common area. Even if there is no restriction requiring residents to park their cars in garages at this time, most HOA and Condo documents allow for rule setting related to parking restrictions, and also allow for amendment by a certain percentage of owners to change the restrictions.  
All I can say is use the garage for it’s intended purpose and get a storage unit if you have too much stuff for the size of your house and you will not get into trouble.  It will be good for you and for your association.
It’s not rocket science.
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