Dogs and Litter Boxes In an HOA or Condo? Does It Work?

Hi, I didn’t forget about you all. I’ve been recuperating from a knee replacement operation and then a back episode related to retraining my walk and … well …enough about that – I am back!

 I received this question the other day which is a new one, sort of, related to allowing indoor pets.

 “One of the units in our condo recently got two tiny dogs (less than 35 pounds), which are strictly indoors. Based on the following exert from our rules & regulations, do you think they are entitled to have two indoor dogs?

 Residents are allowed one small pet, and upon approval from the Board, one additional indoor pet.”

 My answer is this: I don’t know the answer really. I am not the board and do not know the intention of the rule but suspect the intention was to allow up 2 cats or birds or caged animals – as they tend to be able to be kept indoors because of the ability to contain their waste to litter boxes or cages and because they tend to be quiet (cats anyway). To make it a technical issue, the real question is – are the dogs really indoor pets? Most have to use the bathroom outside. Do the dogs use a litter box? I know it can be done.  I actually had a toy poodle named Puff years ago that used a litter box. We taught him to because Buffy and Brutus (our big outdoor dogs – we lived on an acreage) would not leave him alone and he would not go outdoors. So I know it is possible. (Buffy by the way, just as a matter of interest, was a cross between a daschund and a St. Bernard – a short legged, long bodied, large headed dog – go figure!)

 Anyway, I suspect the board had other pets in mind for the 2 pet option but would have problems banning the little dog if the owner claims they use a litter box and no one ever sees the resident outside with the little dog making a liar out of him (or her).

  It’s a good example of how trying to bend a rule to fit certain situations can result in a broken rule.

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