What Law Governs Condos and HOAs in California?

Here is a really simple question (if you know the answer!). It comes from many readers:

What is the statute that governs condos [or homeowner associations] in California?

There are two specific bodies of law in California that regulate most associations that share common amenities or are structured as condos.

The most known by the average person is the “Davis Stirling Common Interest Development Act” (more commonly referred to as “The Davis Stirling Act” named after the two senators that wrote it back in 1985). The Act is found at Civil Code Sections 1351 – 1378. There is a direct link to the Act in the California Codes on the mainpage of my website. 

A book that simplifies the law and helps lay persons understand it is also available on my website in the webstore. It is called “The Davis Stirling Act in Plain English”. 

(Website: http://www.californiacondoguru.com/)  

The second body of law is the Corporations Code for NonProfit Mutual Benefit Corporations. That law commences at Corporations Code Section 7110. It applies if the association is incorporated (most are). 

Both of these bodies of law can also be found on the California State Government website at www.ca.gov .

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