Are HOA and Condo Members Entitled to the Email List?

I’m not givin’ that *!*@*$#!@ the EMAIL Mailing List!!!!

I can hear it now. And I can empathize – to a degree. HOA and Condo ownwers are entitled to communicate with their neighbors in the association if they want to, in matters related to the association (not to sell cars or real estate!).¬† There are laws in California that afford them this right. But it’s not unfettered. Boards can determine if they think the list will be misused, can poll owners as to whether they want to opt out of any list given to an individual owner, and can offer an alternative such as requiring the owner to submit their communication for mailing through a mailing house that will place labels and mail. The owner has to pay the cost of the mailing house and for paper, etc.

With the growing use of email, and recent laws that allow HOAs and Condo Associations more leeway in using it to communicate with members, the Boards and Management are putting together email lists.

With a new case last year that suggests boards may have to allow the owners use of, access to, or as an alternative means of reaching members, the EMAIL list, people are scrambling to determine -IS IT SO?

But slow down. Attorneys do not agree on whether the case (involving a vacation club timeshare situation with 260,000 members) applies to HOAs and Condos.  I have just explained in an E-newsletter the varying views, and what I believe is important.

And no, I would not recommend giving an email list to any truly %$!@#*!%$! crazy who has been harassing the board or management with offensive  or threatening emails. That could unleash a firestorm in the association!

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2 Responses to Are HOA and Condo Members Entitled to the Email List?
  1. Beth Grimm
    February 9, 2011 | 5:43 am

    This is a hot topic!

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