Condo & HOA Vendors – Insurance & Flooring – SOS!!!

Hey, it’s my turn to ask some questions. Maybe there are some HOA or Condo vendors out there with the answers:

INSURANCE GURUS? – Someone wrote in – they bought a unit in a 4 unit condo building at foreclosure. Now they cannot insure. The developer never set up an HOA and the bank that owns the property has no interest in setting up an HOA. The owner needs insurance protection. Anyone out there offer insurance? Refinancing or selling may be an issue too, no FHA options as I understand it.

FLOORING GURUS?-An owner is having major noise issues – someone ripped out carpet and pad and laid laminate flooring. Now the place sound like a circus, multiple active kids. Is laying padding and carpeting sufficient to deaden noise to original specs? Or does the laminate and floating base have to be removed to get the unit back to square 1 so the owner below can tolerate the noise?

OTHERS? Anyone out there with this experience that can provide insight as to these questions.

I need heeeeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppp! (My turn to ask!) Email me through or to I will take anything you can offer by way of helpful information!

I am your resource – you are my resource …

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