Bounce Houses on HOA Community Property – A Good Idea?

Bounce Houses on HOA Community Property – A Good Idea?  Here’s the query.

 “My HOA is a 500+  home community – therefore required to carry $3million in insurance. Our insurer does not insure Bounce Houses – for what appear to me to be obvious reasons supported by a lot of data regarding the rise in deaths and injuries associated with these inflatatables.  However, my Board, in their infinite wisdom have decided to over ride this exclusion by writing a “policy”.

The policy will allow inflatable bounce houses as long as the vendor provides proof that our HOA has been insured “additionally” for $1 million.

 My question is – if we are supposed to be guaranteed $3 million per incident insurance then how does this cover the individual homeowners in the event that someone is injured on community property at a bounce house and sues for in excess of $1 million ?

 Have you run across this issue. What is your legal view on the issue?”

It would be easy for me to be a naysayer because lawyers love to warn against liability.  However, it appears that the Board did not ignore the risks altogether and attempted to garner some protection. I hope the “additional” protection will with the association policy provide enough insurance. Perhaps the Board considered these things and received advice on the issue. In any event, there is always a balancing of the risks to be considered in engaging in any activities.

On the other hand, there are lots of ways to have fun. Whatever happened to the old balancing egg on the spoon, the wheelbarrow and 3 legged relays (are all the old burlap potato sacks out of existence??).  When I graduated from law school we and our families used the law books balancing on the heads and carrying relays to celebrate, and then had a bonfire and roasted marshmellows. Who needs a noisy and potentially dangerous bouncy house to have family fun?

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