Door Slamming Neighbor – Ugh – Noise Again

You’d think I’d get tired of writing about noise issues, but I can’t stop! I get emails EVERY DAY about noise issues in close quarters. This one is similar to one I got a couple of weeks ago about cupboard door slamming. And one the week before about chairs sliding around on tile floors. And one before the week before that on speakers placed on laminate floors – base turned up way high.

It never ends. Noise issues drive people nuts! They can devalue a property seriously. And people have a hard time seeing from the perspective of the party on the other end of the dispute. Even today I got an email from someone who could not understand how the board could impose fines for noise coming from hardwood floors when they had been there forever!

Well this is it folks. If you are making so much noise that the average person could not tolerate it, no matter what condition has gone on for years, you may have to do something about it! Conditions change, neighbors change, sensitivities change, working hours change, workplace changes, families have babies (sometimes colicky babies), people get pets, the number and type of resident neighbors change … I guess you see I could go on and on.

For ANY situation, the best way to try and resolve it is to first try talking to the neighbor. If that doesn’t work and you are in an HOA or Condo, try talking to the Board (homeowner “forums” – meaning an op to address the board at a board meeting)  are required by law in California. If that does not work try to engage any parties that have any stake in the matters and can do something about it (neighbors, tenants, owners, HOA or Condo Board, manager, etc.) in alternative dispute resolution processes – there are two forms in California IN THE LAW! If that does not work get an attorney to write a letter. If that does not work try small claims (if feasible).

And for much much more help on the topic, read on:

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