Cumulative Voting in HOAs or Condos – Friend or Foe?

Cumulative voting means that one person can take the number of votes allowed (for example 5 votes in an election for 5 director positions) and put them all on one candidate, distribute them among the candidates, or use 1 vote for each of 5 candidates.

Here is a question recently received, and my very short and concise answer:

“Do you approve of cumulative voting?”

MY RESPONSE: I believe it confuses HOA and Condo elections, boards, and owners, especially in a state like California that has specific election laws requiring the board to mail or distribute ballot packages ahead of the election and counting that consist of a ballot, stuffing envelope and return envelope, encouraging a mail response. Explaining the concept in a letter or note or on the ballot often does not help, because if people have questions about it, there is no way to answer them easily. So the answer to the question is that I recommend amending docs to get rid of it every chance I get.
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