Smoking Section? Is There Such a Thing?

I hear a lot from folks about smoking. The latest is about a lawsuit in a condo that adopted an amendment to the CC&Rs that said no smoking unless the owner prevent wafting smoke or the smoke smell. Turns out a chain smoking lawyer couldn’t stop the smoke from escaping so he sued the association!

Those lawyers…

I was on an airplane the other day sitting with two friendly gentlemen, one of whom was a product liability lawyer, the other a computer trainer. Somehow we got on the topic of smoking – none of us are smokers but we all travel – and so we talked about the days when there was a smoking and non-smoking section on the planes. One was too young to know for the US travel but had seen it on European travel, and mentioned he almost asphyxiated when he went to the back of the plane to see what it was like. Then we got to talking about Midwestern and East Coast restaurants and Casinos that have smoking and non-smoking sections. The trainer said, “Yeah, it’s like having a “pee” and “non-pee” section in a swimming pool.

I thought that was a good one!

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