The 25 Cent Rebate – Really?

Sometimes something happens that compels me to write a “rant” letter. Usually I throw them away. Yes, it feels good to write it.

Here is one I did not throw away. It’s about an ad I saw at a local office supply store -” buy this ream of paper and get a 25 cent rebate”. I have to ask myself – is this ludicrous or what??

I asked the guy at the counter if he could just give me a quarter. Of course he said “no”, and of course, I know that is not how it works.

But it kinda made me mad. People get duped by that kind of thing. I told the salesman I would lose more than $25 of constructive time if I took the time to apply for the 25 cent rebate and I considered that a waste all the way around, not to mention the waste in the advertising materials, the waste of paper in fulling out rebates (for those not willing to go to the website and plug in all their information), the waste of money in the postage and envelope to send the rebate, and the waste of energy trying to remember to save the sales slip and the rebate information and go through the process of applying for it.

C’mon people. This is nothing more than a ruse to get personal information about the purchaser … i.e., marketing tactics!

For those who think they are saving money, it’s like driving across town to save 5 cents a gallon!

Of course, if you need 500 gallons, or 500 reams of paper, maybe…                       Really??????


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