Resources for HOAs – Where Can You Find Them?

I get a bit frustrated when an owner writes or calls me and says … “so and so referred me to you. I thought maybe you could you tell me where I can find resources – I have a dispute with my HOA.” So I will say – “I assume you were referred to me because I am one of the HOA attorneys that will talk to owners and provide consultations.” Some owners say, “I don’t want to pay for a consultation, what other resources are there?” I say, ” … there is a Resource page on my website that lists various resource groups that provide classes, and there are 3 books and over 40 low cost publications on several subjects, free articles, free E-newsletters and free information on various subjects on my website.”

And sometimes the owner goes on to say “So you can’t point me to any real resources. There’s no organization that I can call about my association? Right?”

“Well,” I say, I am telling you about the resources I am aware of.” And then it dawns on me – the owner wants someone to call who will take up their “case” for free.

It’s not out there; there is no California state agency that will listen to owner complaints and offer free advice.

But to say there are no resources? Not true. There are resources for those who want to access them. Check it out:



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