Recall – Everything You Want to Know, A Chance to Hear It.

Are you thinking about recalling your board or any directors?

Are you a director who would like to see other directors recalled?

Are you a board that just received a recall petition?

Are you an owner that is trying to gather support for a recall effort?

Did you ever wonder if there is a better way to get what you want?

To find out about recall, what leads to it, how a petition for a recall election works, what the pitfalls are in seeking or responding to a recall petition, and what some of the strategies are for and against, come to the Community Associations Institute – California Legislative Action Committee LEGAL FORUM in Temecula on October 19. Come early, we (Nathan McGuire, Attorney and I) are first on the day’s agenda at 9am (and there are lots of other good programs for owners and board memers at this seminar – a whole track of them!).

Here is the link for the CAI-CLAC LEGAL FORUM

And if you can’t make it, the next best thing is the Recall Guide available on my website at in the webstore.


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