Just a quick note because I have gotten some emails lately that quote the Davis Stirling website as the law. The Davis Stirling website is not the law. It is the law as interpreted by the attorneys at Adrian Adams law firm. Hats off attorneys, putting information out in such an easily navigable site is laudible …. but the public gets confused sometimes because of the similarity (well maybe I should say confusing exactness)¬†of the site name.

The DAVIS STIRLING ACT found at Civil Code Sections 1350-1378 is the law. Attorneys like AA and myself like to help the public understand the law and our sites are great resources, but neither provides legal advice. They are both for educational purposes only. I wonder if there is not some way to make that more clear, at the source so people can avoid the confusion.

For that you need to consult with an attorney.

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2 Responses to DAVIS STIRLING ACT Not to be Confused with DAVIS STIRLING WEBSITE
    November 7, 2012 | 10:48 pm

    i have been living as a renter in a condo community in Fort Lauderdale florida, i had a friend who was visiting with me as a guest, i told her i was
    moving and she asked could she take over the apartment, i told her i would introduce her to the owner who interviewed her and said yes she
    can take over the apartment providing that she complete the application
    and go thru the background check, She follow the steps to get approved
    the management company that works for the condo threw her application
    to the side for a whole month, they were fired for not doing their job as hired by the board and now we have a new mgmt team, the new management team made her redo all the ppwk and after waiting for 3 weeks they did not approve her and is giving her 1 week to move out of the unit, is there anything i can do or she can do she have a baby and no place to go. please advise can they do this kick her out in 1 week???????