Can I Use A Disabled Placard to Park In an HOA Guest Parking Spot?

I got an email recently from an owner who is disabled and wanted to park her vehicle in a guest parking spot in her association. Guest parking is limited to 48 hours and she got a tow tag warning her to move her vehicle.

So, here is her question -“Can I use my disabled person placard/plate and park in the guest space? Is seems like such a simple question yet no one seems to know the answer. As a disabled person I want to use my placard responsibly and legally.”

Parking in a private development is regulated by the HOA, not the City or County or any governmental agency. So people with placards cannot park where they want to. The HOA can have rules about guest parking and tow vehicles if the HOA is set up properly for towing. Unit owners can be fined if the Unit residents do not respect the parking rules, if the HOA is set up for towing. 

That said, if there is a need for an assigned space closer to a unit, or a special larger parking place due to the need for a disabled van for transportation, an owner can request that the association make an accomodation. The next logical question always is – does it have to? And that depends on the parking situation and configuration in the development.



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