Getting Too Friendly With The Manager or Attorney

Board members, I’m telling you this – the vendors and professionals that are providing services to your association are not your personal advisers!

One of the biggest problems I saw last year was what always seems to occur when the vendors become personal friends or advocates for individual board members or tend to take sides. What always seems to occur is that factions begin to form, suspicions begin to arise, board members begin to fight amongst themselves, sure that the ones tied most closely to the professionals get the advantage, and it sometimes gets to the point of total chaos. Board members are divided, each faction is pulling all kinds of harmful power plays, communications as a group stop, factions start holding their own meetings and plotting, individuals (directors or the vendors)  become the subject of defamatory comments, and tempers flare. Threats to sue abound.

For the vendors that get sucked into these personal relationships, they eventually get fired, or get publicly flagged, frustrated, and quit.

Who wants to go there?

Keep it to a business relationship.For all of you out there, that does not mean leave your charming personalities at the door. But focus on treating all matters from a business perspective, commit focus to consensus-building, work together, ask questions before making assumptions and vendors – DON’T TAKE SIDES! And don’t condemn people, just keep showing them the right way. Help those boards see the most viable or beneficial path for the association but if they are intent on sticking to the bumpy road, decide if your back can take it or not.



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