Take Some Time Today To Pray for the Families and the Jurors

The public, and family and friends are all bombarded with media attention focused on the Zimmerman case and death of Trayvon Martin. Many feel the need to tag the situation as racism and argue that it has to become a subject of the conversation. Most agree that it just feels wrong. Some see the situation as an excuse for more violence and threats. The system did its work and the jurors who heard and saw all available facts and testimony, save that of Trayvon, decided the verdict, and one at least has admitted that it was very difficult.

I think most would agree it was a night where everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, and the domino effect on the lives of all of the families and persons involved, including the jurors, changed everything, forever.

For all of us that are so far removed from the night in Florida, only we have control only over the way we spend our day and spin our own thoughts, and I urge you all to simply take some time and pray for the families of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin because they are most certainly in pain and are truly victims in this situation, and pray for the jurors who had to decide this case.

If you are unable to pray because of your beliefs, then at least take a moment out of your day to hope for the best for these people.

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