The Long Awaited Davis Stirling Act Relocation in California is Here!

It’s here. The Davis Stirling Act has been relocated and expanded – by code section number, not by material impact in statutes. Some new material has been added. The link to find the new code on the state website is;jsessionid=dc424bb3efb976211439b8294135.

Go for it! It is supposed to be easier to read and understand. But in case you get stuck, there are many articles, blogs, and resources available on my website (, including a separate section on the new laws and some free forms, checklists, etc. And THE DAVIS STIRLING ACT IN PLAIN ENGLISH-2014 VERSION, is finished and has already gone out to a waiting list of Guru followers. In the E-news Archives you will find several newsletters written last year about the changes and how to handle them.

Don’t run out and pay someone a lot of money to re-type your existing documents with new code numbers in them. It’s just not necessary. You can record a Resolution properly stated (which means not implying that the documents are being updated and restated if they are not) which includes a conversion chart for the statutes that appear in your documents. Having such a Resolution prepared for your CC&Rs (which resolution will be recorded) and your Bylaws (which resolution will simply become part of the document distribution records) will give notice to the outside world that you are operating in the new year with awareness of and reference to the new statutes.

And adoption of a couple of policies will cover the most evident changes in the areas of notice, enforcement, and board conflicts.

Let me know if I can help you! Emails can be sent through my website or directly to

But if you skip the website and write, you are skipping a whole lotta information!

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