What Crazy Thing Happened At Your Last HOA Election? An Invitation.

Wow, I have heard all kinds of crazy things about what happens in HOA elections and have written a number of articles, blogs, and publications on the topic.

If you want to send me yours, visit the Guru website and submit it. If you keep your questions/dilemmas to 50 words or less I will do my best to answer in a blog, and provide some solutions to these questions if the questions are generic enough to help others as well.

One thing I can say with conviction is that there is a problem for every solution. And most of the problems come from a lack of knowledge. So someone takes over and makes an “executive” decision. And then someone disagrees, and if the parties keep fighting without any knowledge of what the law or their governing documents say, it becomes a big fight with a bunch of people taking a stand whether right or wrong. And once the line in the sand has been drawn, either ego or fear keeps people from crossing back over and it becomes harder to get back to resolution.

To educate yourself, read your governing documents for everything related to elections, check the elections laws in California which now start with California Civil Code Section 5100, and consider that you can get an Elections Primer on  my website for $25, a forms Primer for $25, a Recall Guide for $50, and a legal opinion if you want to have answers to a specific dilemma at an hourly rate.

And remember, for every problem there is a solution, whether you can find it yourself or need help. Check out the resources at www.californiacondoguru.com if you don’t want to spend money for legal help. You have to start somewhere if you want to do anything other than risk an explosion come election time. (And yes, it can happen even after an election if the results were controversial or a board just moved on because no quorum was achieved and does nothing to tie up the loose end of the failure in follow through.)

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2 Responses to What Crazy Thing Happened At Your Last HOA Election? An Invitation.
  1. David Darwin
    January 19, 2014 | 6:26 pm

    Crazy Things?

    Owners not showing up / participating in HOA meeting.

    Minutes of Previous meeting not read.

    Completion dates of renovation projects not set / not discussed.

    No direction!

    I’ve always felt that the HOA should have a clear direction in how it managed and improved the structure and surrounding property. Is the board obligated to set dates as to when projects are to be completed?

    • Beth Grimm
      May 4, 2014 | 7:45 pm

      I feel the same way.