Would You Be Willing to Die for Your Fight Against Your Neighbor or HOA?

I know the title of this post is drastic. Unfortunately, I have seen it happen, where an owner is so wrapped up in the fight against a neighbor or the association that their health declines, and they die an early death, angry and bitter.

In one situation I have written about previously, an older couple and woman upstairs got into it because the woman was a stomper. She clomped loudly above as the realtor showed the elderly couple the unit. Short story long, they fell in love with the unit, and the price (duh, why do you suppose it went cheap??), and the war begun.

The woman stomped, the downstair neighbors barbecued, which they knew made her sick, she swept her balcony when they were barbecuing, sending dusty, debris and water down between the slats, she showered late at night claiming the barbecue smoke required it, and they flushed their toilet while she was showering, and turned up their TV. This whole scenario unfolded over a year of these two parties “living dangerously”, in their own homes.

The ultimate result was the couple wanted a hearing before the board where they could bring video of their doctors exclaiming about their failing health, due to the nuisance violations of the upstairs lady who started it all by being a clomper.

The end result, the husband of the couple died of a stroke, from stress. The wife left the state to go live with her children, across the country. The stomper died.

A sad story. And I could tell you about several others – where very ill people came to me amidst some very bitter battles, ones that could not be won without intervention. When you think about escalating your battles, think about the possible tolls it can take, not only economically – but healthwise as well.

And make sure you examine all possibilities before you focus in on “getting back at your neighbor” or “extracting a pound of flesh” from your board because of what you feel “they” have done to you. Know that you could commit slow suicide if you don’t choose your battles wisely.


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