Time for Sharing Appreciation – Thanks, and I Appreciate You Too!

Hi. If you follow me you know that I have been silent the past several weeks. I was traveling with my kids and grandkids, 10 of us “road-tripping” out way across  the country in a couple of vans, visiting National Parks and bonding. I got great pictures, family and artsy fartsy stuff too, and am full to the brim with great summer memories.

So here I am – back in the saddle at work, and ready to work, write and share. Be sure and sign up for the E-News on my website if you aren’t already on the list. (www.californiacondoguru.com). The next issue coming out soon will contain lots of comments and responses I received, and some good information, about smoking in HOAs, tobacco and marijuana.


What follows here is a  letter of appreciation I returned to, after taking an epic rest (well, it wasn’t exactly a rest per se, but a rest from work!). I wanted to share some goodness. People ask me why I do this – write so much about homeowner issues and how to resolve them. Some even question, “Are you sure you are a lawyer?”

Yes, I am, and below is a big part of why I do this. People need to feel that someone cares! {By the way, if you follow both my blogs this and the next post will appear in both places because I wanted to share these thoughts as far and wide as I could, still being on my high from vacation!!}

The Letter to me is below.


Mrs. Grimm,
As a homeowner of a cid  in California and being on and off an board member of our Association, I have read many of your comments and statements regarding a vast majority of topics about CID in California. With joy and pleasure I like express my feeling of telling that your are a lawyer with a moral and high ethical sense. As a student I studied law but did not chose to finish it, as I could not accept to become part of a system that does provide justice as our founding fathers intended. The system presently is in control of those who have the money and power to influence the justice system to their needs. I fully support any officer of the justice system that truly protect the constitution as it is really mend to be. As you describe many issues with CID that happened in the past and now and see it from both sides and dearly appreciate your contributions to many home owners whose rights are being violated and have limited resources available to them to get help, thank you for website and that you can continue for many years to come to contribute more to the CID community.
Thank you,
My thoughts about it, …. No … thank you PB, for taking the time to write to me and make my day!!



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