Where To Go To Get HOA Information and Assistance in California

Hi everyone. Perhaps you follow both my blogs. From now on I will be posting to this blog regularly (hopefully at least once a week or more) and will be providing information for homeowners, directors, managers, and anyone else interested on what California law says, and about how to solve practical questions or problems.

You may know that I have been keeping up two blogs for years, and was working to separate the issues into categories on the blogs. One was more for directors and managers and this one was more or less reserved for homeowners.

I find that I can be more efficient if I stick to one main blog. And I can post more often. And I have been having some trouble logging into the other blog site. I will get there when I can.

In the meantime, be assured that I will try to keep up a consistent and current flow of valuable information here.

I know there are some people that think there is only one important “side” in an HOA dispute. In my experience, I often see two sides – sometimes there is a clear right and wrong – but most of the time, the view or positioning of the “sides” is clouded by blurred vision – caused by being too close to the problem.

I hope you will all keep sending me questions through www.californiacondoguru.com. I will do my best to keep the answers coming.

Thanks for visiting.

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