“A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


 It’s here. The helpful tool small HOAs have been waiting for. I have been working on this Guide well over a year, having shelved it several times to take a break. Believe it or not it is the most difficult publication I have written, save a law review article I wrote my last year in law school for John F. Kennedy University in Walnut Creek called “The Conceptual Application of Due Process in Homeowner Associations”.

That article was written for legal scholars and lawyers and what made it so hard was writing in “legalese”.  It was not an easy read for a layperson, and not light hearted, and it was not much fun to write. However, the fact that the article was published by my law school made the “firm-meisters” where I worked happy. For me, I vowed after that stressful project to stick to Plain English writing for an audience of regular people the rest of my days. That has lead me down a pleasing path.

After 3 books, more than 100 articles for various state and national publications, and more than 40 educational primers and guides, you would think I had it down pat. But what made writing this particular publication so difficult was having to take something extremely complicated and make it simple enough that it wouldn’t scare off “regular people” who are willing to step up and serve in their own homeowner associations.

For the past almost 30 years, my mind on the subject of homeowner association problems and solutions has consumed somewhere around 80,000 hours. Yikes! My point here is that it is difficult to digest 80,000 hours of knowledge into one useful booklet for someone who has 0 hours of experience but wants to serve their HOA.  I thought about calling this publication “The California HOA Compliance Manual”. But I decided that in and of itself was scary. And it sounds like a real drag, too. So I settled on the SMALL HOA SURVIVAL GUIDE. After all, that is what it is about anyway – the survival of the small fish in the very big sea.

If you want more particulars, take a look at the E-newsletter in the E-news archives on my website  that was just released (today  as a matter of fact). And note there is a special offer in there for purchase of the Guide along with the sister publication THE DAVIS STIRLING ACT IN PLAIN ENGLISH. Click here

Or you can go right to the Publications page on the website and read the blurbs on both publications.

I am glad the work at my end is done, and I can get this resource out  into the world. Small HOAs – I know you need it.

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