Are HOA Owners Entitled to Have a Reserve Study?

Hello. I have not written blogs for a while (have been super busy) so I will do a few today in bullet style to try and make up for it. Here is the first one,

Question sent to me: “Is the HOA board required to provide the reserve study to members? I have recently moved into a planned community and have asked to see a recent reserve study so I know how our money is being spent.”

Answer: Pursuant to California law, if the association is subject to the Davis Stirling Act, a board is required to send the reserve study to members each year along with information on any updates. It should be looked at every year to see if adjustments are needed. A study of the condition of the components and funding plan for maintenance, repair and replacement of them including a diligent inspection must by law be done at least once every three years. For information on the laws involved and the practical aspects of obligations on the following topics, you can for $25 each purchase informative Primers through my website at, or go directly to the webstore at You can read all about and educate yourself (and also your board if you wish by reciting the law to the board) on these and many more topics.


  1. The reserve requirements about what money must be put away,
  2. Disclosures and what boards must provide each year, and
  3. What owners are entitled to see in the association financial records.
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