This blog may seem self serving so you can just close it if you wish. Because of blogs and newsletters that reach thousands of people hungry for information,  I get at least 4-5 inquiries per day from people asking me to please just call them to talk about their HOA problems. There are not enough hours in the day to do that. So I am providing here some pertinent information on how I can be of help, if you want this kind of help.

I try to address questions that are sent to me by answers in blogs when I can. I am busy, but also wanting to do what I can to help clients. So not all questions get answered in a timely way, and some fall away entirely (you can send them again if this happens). Feel free to send me questions through my website at and if they are short and generic enough where I feel a blog will help others too, I will put them in the cache to be answered as I can. If they are long and specific and detailed I will send the information below.


I do phone consultations for owners all over the state to help people figure out their options. I do not know of anyone else who does this who really knows HOA law well and has had experience with almost anything that can happen (although it’s always something new, right?). If others are out there and can show (not just tell) me a record of balanced thinking, send me your information.

During the telephone consultations I can help owners figure out what their options are – once I know all the facts. I accept electronic documents (CC&Rs and letters are the most common things owners want me to see) but do not accept paper. My office is paperless.  The fee to be paid is $275 which is nonrefundable but provides an hour of services. If someone want a review of docs ahead of time then I require 2 hours of retainer, $275 each hour for a total of $550.

To set a consultation up I need the name of the other parties so I can do a conflicts check to make sure I don’t have a conflict of interest.

Once confirmed the process is this.

The person  would go to, or go to the webstore through my website, click on the Legal Services tab, choose the Homeowner option  and pay the $275 nonrefundable deposit. I will get an email with your payment information and send an email confirming receipt and we would set up a time and # for me to call via email.

If there is any trouble ordering this way you can send me an email and we can talk about alternative methods of payment. I do take checks also, but waiting for the mail can delay things.

Once payment is confirmed I normally ask for the association CC&Rs. I need them in a form the can be an attachment to an email, or faxed to me. It helps to have them if I need to pull them up while we are talking. If not, we can talk about the situation and if I need documents we can discuss it then. If there are letters or minutes the person has a question about I like to have them available,  so I may pull them up to discuss on the call.

You can send me an email noting your payment information  we would set up a time and phone # for me to call via email.

I don’t take paper documents, just electronic files. And I do not download anything until a person or HOA is a client, and in fact, I delete the email inquiries after a week or so if I do not hear back so I do not keep inquiry information on file.

If an owner wants information after the call or wants further services, we work that out on the call. I do not do litigation but can help owners organize their thoughts on making the right choice, discuss what litigation actually requires, and in some cases, help find knowledgeable legal counsel to assist further if litigation is the only option. I try and guide owners into better solutions than litigation, but if that is needed or desired, feel that I can help the owner know what questions to ask to get the right litigator, if that is what they need.

PUBLICATIONS- I have written about 40 publications that are issue specific and helpful in the scheme of living in and owning a property in an HOA or condo association, and are affordable to the general public. And there is also a lot of free information on my website. Through the blogs and E-newsletter which people can receive free, I also pass on my thoughts and suggestions for solving the kinds of problems people bring to me.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! There is information on consultations on the website as well, and a form you can complete that helps move things along. I wish for everyone that contacts me an efficient, affordable process of dealing with the kinds of issues that come up for them.


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