Hello. The last E-newsletter that I did regarded parking problems in HOAs. It might have broken the record for “opens” in any edition yet (except maybe the bullying series last fall).

I received lots of “thank yous” and also some lengthy messages. I am sharing the one below because it shows you that pragmatic treatment of problems can work.

I also received lots of requests from parking chairpersons in HOAs all across the country for the right to pass on the information in the E-newsletter in their own HOA newsletters. I gladly give permission as long as people don’t rearrange my words (because sometimes that creates a whole new meaning) and so long as they give credit in such a way that it will help people find my website so they can get more information. By the way, the E-newsletters are archived on my website so 100+ of them are right there for the reading at [navigate to the main page E-News Archives]. And there are Primers specifically on the topic of enforcement and parking and towing as well. Check out the publications page.

Here is what one enthusiastic E-newsletter follower had to say:

Just finished scanning your latest newsletter regarding HOA parking problems.  Our HOA pretty much got a handle on this about 20 years ago.

Our CCR’s call for garages to be kept “in a manner to accommodate 2 cars.”  When I first moved into my home (our development consists of 12 units — three buildings on each side of our driveway) — the place looked like a used car lot.  People used their garages as storage units, the six “common area” parking slots were always filled by residents’ cars, people parked in front on their garages which made it very difficult for those of us who parked in our garage to access them.  When I went on the board, I went to an attorney (representing our HOA) to get some guidelines on establishing rules and regs, had the Fire Dept. come out to explain what clearances were required under city ordinance so any emergency vehicles could access our driveway, etc.  The Board then established, among other things, that the six parking slots were designed “guest parking only”, parking in front of a garage was prohibited, and parking in front of your unit was restricted to 2 hours.  If you had more than 2 cars or refused to park in your garage, you had to park out on the street. 

 This has proven to be successful — especially when you think of what a mess we had 20 years ago.  Yes, we do have “violators” — mostly renters — but we find that since we initiated the above rules along with fines (first offense was a warning; second offense was a $50 fine, subsequent offenses were $100 each) — we’ve had almost everyone’s cooperation. 

 As in most things in life, when establish rules and regs that are fair to everyone, uniformly enforce them AND attach a dollar figure to rules’ violations, you usually get everyone’s attention and cooperation.”


Now this is the kind of news I like to hear.



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