WAR OR PEACE …or war or peace in your HOA-You Be The Judge

WAR AND PEACE E-newsletter circulated February 7.

Well, I did it now. I sent out an E-newsletter this week entitled WAR OR PEACE, WHAT DO YOU WANT IN YOUR HOA?  And it triggered more feedback than any E-newsletter in the past year. Lots of comments, lots of interest, most actually on point for real messages which are two fold: (1)  Litigation can kill you. (2) Egotists wielding their power inappropriately engender combat.

Hey, how can I help it that the best example of (2) is in our faces everyday on the news? I don’t care which side you are on, is there not turmoil that can be talked about? Honestly, I did know that there might be some controversy over that use of example. However, in 5000 recipients, I only had 2 adverse comments and a whole bunch of “attagirls” from people who got the message clearly.

Here are some of them, including the 2 negative ones:

“Hello Beth ~I don’t know exactly how your newsletter started coming into my Inbox, but I always enjoy reading it.  Keep up the good work and thanks,…”

“Hi Beth,

I loved your War and Peace newsletter today. Do you put your e-mail articles up on your blog? I was hoping to share a link to the article, but I don’t see it on your website.

[Note, All e-newsletters are archived on my site under the E-newsletter archives link – although sometimes it takes a week or so to get them up there.]

More comments:

“Just wanted you to know I enjoyed this newsletter today. With the current status in the world and country, you’re probably going to get many letters. Some good and bad. But I wanted to be one of the good letters  to let you know I appreciate you, your views and information.”

“I look forward to your enjoyable letters. I’ve learned so much about living in condos versus independent residential living. Each living style has pros and cons. I’ve learned that the bottom line is that one needs to step back, evaluate and  be as objective as they can about living. Communication improvement is an ongoing process. I often wonder why there aren’t more communication consultants doing seminars for organizations.  Tyranny in communication doesn’t work.”

“ Condo living requires a delicate balance of so many skills. One has to be open to information about this type of living and the process. You’re the best. Thank you.”

“I enjoy your posts. They have so much useful information.”

“You are right about conflict with your neighbours.”

And here are the negative responses:

“Ms. Grimm,

I like your blog. Sorry to see you expressing your opinion about President Trump. In my opinion, it was inappropriate.”

My response to this gentleman was: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respect yours. Thank you for taking the time to write. “

Then there was one really horrid response that made little sense other than to tell me I was not the only cause of stress in this person’s life.  The message was so bad that if I reprint it I will certainly hear about it from someone. Lots about bad politics, bad people, bad everything and leaning on the side of bad grammar as well.  Not really offensive or necessarily disturbing, just one big fat rant.

When I wrote back noting the E-news was not a political rag he responded thus:

“His egotism [referring to a statement in my E-newsletter] wow really have you looked in the mirror lately that I think you’re a narcissist is well”

One thing I have learned over the years but sometimes momentarily forget in a senior moment …

You cannot not piss off a person who is already pissed off.

Good words for the day even if it does involve a double negative.


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