Why do I ask this you might say?  Well, if you do have an HOA “toothache” you ought to do something about it, meaning get it looked at by someone (an HOA experienced and educated attorney, namely)!

Here is what can happen when you have a toothache. You try gargling warm salt water, Orajel, massage, meditation, heat packs, Advil, Tylenol, praying, and ignoring it, but it does not  go away!

 In fact, it gets worse!

 By the time you have suffered long enough and cannot take it anymore, you go in on an emergency to a dentist you have not had time to research. And now, besides the unbearable pain, your simple toothache might have turned into a swelling the size of a grapefruit, an abscess, an infection, gum disease, vision problems, TMJ, nerve damage, and it can even reach your heart, causing irreversible heart damage. (Believe it, I used to be married to a dentist!)

Trying to stave off problems in your HOA that are crying out for attention like a toothache does are much the same. They can start small but escalate exponentially from lack of proper attention. You might reach the point of no return – declaring the only way to happiness is to move to Timbuctoo, or lose your investment to repair costs, unbearable nuisance, or devastating damage.

 Get treatment early. Whatever the news is or whatever solutions are needed, you get will likely find it much easier to cope with in the beginning when the problem first shows up than when you are at the end of your rope with nowhere to go but off the cliff.

I do not know of other attorneys that know HOA law inside and out that do individual board and owner telephone consultations for an hourly fee but I do. Some think the $275 it is too high a price to pay even though it is a reduced rate for an hour consultation and I understand. Often they come to me after they have spent $50 for crap advice on the web or even $1000 with a local non-HOA attorney and gotten nowhere, because they could not find an HOA attorney anywhere in the state that would provide good advice to them. Most HOA attorneys will not counsel owners. And after spinning their tires and getting very dirty, they are gun-shy about putting out more money. I sympathize of course, however I can’t take responsibility for bad advice or timidity about spending money on the right kind of treatment for that toothache.

Besides owner consultations I have over the past 30 years have provided and continue to provide advice to many HOA boards and many individual directors on them as individuals. I always do a conflicts check and do not advise both sides in any particular dispute, but I have done many mediations in my time and can offer some negotiation strategies to solve problems that educate and affect both sides of the table. Maybe I can help you find a solution for that nagging toothache.  Visit and give me a holler (translation, send an email).

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