Hello everyone. Well it’s official! Not everyone feels the same about Electric Car charging stations. I remember the days when the same thing happened about wood shingled homes, fake grass, day care centers and the like. Sometimes Sacramento deals a blow and then HOAs have to get used to it. Often it is in favor of the owners getting access to reasonable rights. But that does not make it any less hard to swallow. The more regulation, the more cost for HOAs, and guess what? That means more cost for owners in them.

That said, and being an important point, here is an email I received in response to a recent E-newsletter “enlightening” everyone on a recent situation where an owner really wanted access to an EVCS and went the distance. You can see the E-newsletter archived on my website at californiacondoguru.com. Sign up today to get on the list if you want to stay “in the know”.

Here goes, i.e.,  the comment I received, which I fully respect and know is not an unusual reaction to news that the HOA may have to do yet another costly thing to satisfy a new law, although I am sure it is written by someone who does not own an electric vehicle!

“This requirement is so ridiculous. We already have owners who don’t pay their dues for which it is difficult to collect.  What are we supposed to do about these people who end up not paying for the services if common area is used, or cause liability issues when they drop or don’t have insurance?  If the State is pushing for these alternatives, they need to provide the solutions.”


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