Should an HOA Use Management as a Vendor For Other Services?

Here is the question brought to me:     “As far as you know, is it difficult to find a vendor to bid on jobs in condominiums located around Silicon Valley?  The reason being given here in Santa Clara is that with all the development locally, vendors don’t want to bother with “small jobs” like ours.      This then justifies our property manager’s company doing the job,  sometimes at prices that give pause.”


My answer to this dilemma is that HOAs need to get certain work done and if using management provided services is the only way, then the Board may have to accept it. I do have a hard time believing HOAs cannot find licensed and bonded contractors willing and qualified to do a job independent of what the management company offers, but also believe some areas like Silicon Valley tend to have unique problems – such as inflated prices and uncommon challenges.  And the local management companies may have taken it upon themselves to locate vendors willing to work in the HOAs they manage which offers a larger scale for the contractors and possibly savings for the HOAs.  Living in California costs more than other states. We Californians have to accept that. Living in the  Silicon Valley area where the premium of living is high just adds another prickly level of cost. I guess the “Siliconians” will have to accept that.


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