Who Knew? No Drinking Allowed on Private Property Common Area in an HOA.

Who Knew? No Drinking Allowed on Private Property Common Area in an HOA.

 I have a new client in Long Beach. They were telling me they could call the police if someone was out in the common area drinking. I was having trouble grasping that, unless the person was drunk or causing a disturbance. So my client sent me the Long Beach Law. I am not sure exactly of the resource, but I have no reason to believe it is misquoted. Here is what I will say about it.

Maybe in Salt Lake in the heart of Mormon influence? But Long Beach? Wonder what triggered it?


For those associations having trouble with drinking parties, whether it be college students, bad neighbors or vacation renters, maybe it is time to lobby your local legislators. But you might have to elect teetotalers first.

I am not advocating for or against such a law, but it seems to me it would keep the local police pretty busy on a warm summer evening when the barbecues are fired up.

 Long Beach Law on Public Drinking on Private Property

Thought you could enjoy a nice cool beer on your front yard patio?

If the police department receives a complaint regarding public alcohol consumption in public view, they will pursue the law….

LB Municipal Code 9.22.010 Public consumption-Prohibited. No person shall transport into or drink or consume any alcoholic beverage in any public place except upon the premises licensed under an on-sale or on-sale general license under the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Act. (Prior code § 4150.1).

9.02.090 Public place. “Public place” means and includes, but is not limited to, any street, park, pier, beach, restaurant, cafe, theater, store, building playground, school ground recreational area or other place to which the public is invited or has access or any place open to the public view.
(Prior code § 4110(g)).


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