Younger Next Year

Just a short note this am to answer the question for those who read something here and then go to my website at  I used to get a chuckle when I saw a realtor or financial advisor’s picture on a card that looked much different than the “seasoned” person to whom I was referred. And now here I am, being the brunt of such surprise for visitors to my sites.

Yes, the pictures are different. The one here is my younger self, at 40. The one on my website is my 60-ish photograph. When I had my web person switch them out some people inquired as to whether my website was hijacked. And I responded “No, I just got older.”

In this blog-site I have to remove one picture to add another and have the fear of losing the picture altogether in the process. I am not that web savvy. And besides, it is not so bad reminiscing about the good old days when I come here. So if you want to see the more current me, go to the website at

Yup, that is another way to get you to go there but you won’t be sorry. All my E-newsletters as well as an abundance of additional free information too bulky to bring here reside there.

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