I recently received a comment which I did not feel was appropriate for approval or comment without digesting the form of it. There is one thing that really jumped out at me. It was from a disgruntled owner in an HOA that had a bunch of problems. Not unusual … And the parting comment of this person was: “We shall see where this goes… But I will NEVER buy into an HOA ever again in my life..” Also not that unusual. Of course I do not hear as often from people who LOVE THEIR HOA, LOVE THEIR LIFE, and are happy. They don’t seem to feel the need to write.

Anyway, this statement absolutely screamed “ill-advised”, and is worthy of comment:

“I’m not seeking help, just getting into the conversation. .[governing documents are being rewritten] .. with the assistance of a lawyer who wants to rewrite the governing documents for the benefit of the CAI ….”

No lawyer writes documents for the benefit of CAI. CAI is a national organization called Community Associations Institute. It offers a wide range of resources, classes, and a member and vendor directory. There are thousands of members.  I have been an active member since 1988.

Like in any organization, there are good and bad apples. It doesn’t take long to identify the bad apples if you attend events, and network with like persons who attend events. The good apples tend to stand out as well.

Any lawyer writing governing documents for any association has taken on the project to bring the documents up to date – there have been considerable changes in California law over the past 10 years and some very drastic changes recently in the reorganization and expansion.

So I would have to say that comment deserves comment as it adds nothing valuable to any conversation about problem solving in this industry.


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